You Need to Try the MultiGym Boxing Bootcamp

Normally when you think of boxing, your mind automatically turns to the super stars of the boxing ring, like Bermane Stiverne, Bobby Beaton, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Lennox Lewis. You think of bloody noses, sore fists, and broken bones, but let’s take that initial thought and visualize something different, something doable; think of the pounds shed, muscle gained, confidence boosted to unimaginable heights, better health, and an incredible physique. These are a few of the benefits boxing brings to anyone willing to try it, and believe it when it’s written, boxing isn’t just for the champs. Here are a few reasons why you should join the Multi Gym boxing class.

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The Physical Benefits of Boxing:

We know boxing brings a better physique, but let’s delve into some of those benefits boxing brings:

  • Weight Loss: This is a pretty no-brainer obvious result of boxing. With boxing, your entire body is moving; your feet, your legs, your arms, hands, upper body, everything. Nothing is at a stand-still as you swerve and duck, move and dance around your opponent. With all that movement comes sweat, and with sweat comes calories burned, and we all know that burnt calories equals weight loss. With your entire body moving in quick, timed, and precise steps, you’re bound to lose pounds and inches.
  • Muscle Toning: As stated before in the weight loss section, your entire body is in constant motion, nothing is at a stand-still. Not only that, but your legs are carrying your body in quick movements, toning your thighs, calves, and other muscles. Your arms are punching and dancing around a bag or opponent; resistance and movement creates muscle. With boxing, your muscles will become a whole new level of sharp and defined.
  • Heart Health: With cardio comes heart health, and we all know that a better heart can lead to a better and healthier life. Boxing keeps your heart pumping, the blood flowing, and your heart muscles moving, which all creates a healthier life. No more out of breath episodes after climbing a flight of stairs or moving at a relatively quick pace. You’ll be at the top of your game.

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The Emotional Benefits of Boxing:

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We’ve looked at three different physical reasons as to why boxing is beneficial for your physical health, but what about your mental health? Let’s take a look at those benefits as well:

  • Peace of Mind: You may be wondering how boxing can create a sense of peace and peace of mind, but it’s simple: you learn defense skills. With defense skills comes a sense of confidence out in the world. There’s no more fear of being a target or victim. Instead, you have learned incredible self-defense skills that will not only help to keep you safe, but your loved ones as well.
  • Stress Relief: Life is incredibly stressful, and everyone needs an outlet. Instead of turning to food or drinks or anything else that’s damaging to the body, you can turn to boxing. Boxing is an incredible way to help you release the pent up stress, giving you a better outlook on your day, circumstance, and maybe even life itself.
  • Release It: Anger is a powerful emotion, one that drives us all to change into someone we never used to be. An outlet, like with stress, is a powerful way to help release the pent up anger. Boxing allows you to physically exert your body and even your mind, putting you into a more relaxed, acceptable state of mind.

Here at Multi Gym, our incredibly talented teachers and personal trainers are here to teach you the boxing skills you desire. We’re here to help you get the body and mind you’ve always wanted, so if you’re interested in joining our boxing class, make sure to give us a call or stop on by. You’ll be glad you did.

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