Multi Gym Montreal | Yoga Montreal – Enjoy the Benefits of Multigym MTL Yoga Classes

Yoga Montreal – Enjoy the Benefits of Multigym MTL Yoga Classes

yoga montreal

Yoga Montreal – Enjoy the Benefits of Multigym MTL Yoga Classes

Yoga is known for it’s relaxation and stress relieving abilities. It is widely known and has a great history. If you are not aware of yoga class in Montreal and the benefits they can bring, we’ll explore this in further detail.

yoga montreal

What is Yoga?

Yoga is seen as physical exercise, but in reality it goes far beyond that. Yoga actually means ‘union’. This union represents the connection between an individuals consciousness and the Universal consciousness (or personal soul and the spirit). It is the ultimate exercise of both mind and body.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, originating in Indian culture. It is well practiced amongst Hindu’s and Buddhist’s. Modern yoga classes take key components and provide a relaxing environment, that promotes your health.

Benefits of Yoga

There are so many benefits that yoga has to offer. If you are participating in yoga regularly at our Montreal gym, you will begin to notice some or all of these benefits:

  1. Sleeping Better: It is no secret that many people suffer from lack of sleep. We live hectic lifestyles, affecting our sleep patterns. Yoga has been seen to to improve the quality of sleep for those who practice it.
  2. Improved Posture: Yoga most certainly works on your core, strengthening the muscles. By practicing the poses and postures, your own posture will improve with in a matter of weeks.
  3. Relieves Stress: The amount of stress that individuals endure is extremely unhealthy; both for the mind and body. Yoga allows you to relax, clearing your mind. When you are focused on breathing and what your body is doing, stress tends to alleviate.
  4. Full Body Workout: Sure, yoga may not be as ‘intense’ as a full cardio workout in terms of movement; but it does not mean it’s targeting any less of your body. Yoga works out all muscles of your body. You strengthen your; back, stomach, legs, arms and much more.
  5. Prevents Injuries: When someone endures a sports injury for instance, their muscle is being overexerted. Yoga targets your muscles, making them more resilient to injury. As well, yoga is great for when athletes are recovering from an injury.
  6. Teaches You Proper Breathing: There are actually techniques when it comes to breathing. It is important to learn how to control your breathing, creating the maximum oxygen input. Deep breathing exercises have been known to help fight off lifestyle disease such as heart disease

montreal yoga classes

What Does Yoga Class Entail?

When you think of yoga, you may first think ‘stretching’. Although stretching is a component, there is so much more that Yoga at Multigym MTL offers. The key goal is to find balance throughout your body. By doing so, you will increase your overall flexibility and strength. Check out our Group X schedule and see when the next class is!

Yoga class will incorporate multiple postures and poses; all which target specific areas of the body. Each pose provides specific benefits to your body. There are many different yoga traditions; one tradition may be very slow-paced focusing on poses, while the next may focus on movement and breathing. There really is so much that yoga offers.

yoga classes

Our Montreal Yoga classes not only focus on poses, they include breathing exercises, meditation and sometimes inspirational readings. While taking a class within a gym setting, physical benefits tend to be the main focus.

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