What is Pilates and Why Should You try it?

Pilates is a lot like yoga, with a different twist. Yoga has been around for centuries, whereas Pilates made its debut in the workout world in the 20th century. Both workout regimens focus on controlling your body by using your mind, but Yoga is more of a mental “refocus” than Pilates. Pilates is a fantastic way to not only get your body in shape, but your mind as well. Still confused about the differences between Yoga and Pilates? Take a look below for a more explanations.

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Yoga VS. Pilates:

As previously stated, Yoga has been around for centuries, and uses not only your mind to control your body, but your breathing, focus, and limbs to get your body in the shape and relaxation that you desire. Yoga was thought to have started in India, and is also considered a re-direction in your thought process, attitude, mentality, and more. It’s a way to relax, rejuvenate, refocus, and re-establish you who are and who you want to be.

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Pilates, although very similar, puts more attention and focus on the mind and body, and less on the relaxation side of things. Pilates was, and still is, used to help rehabilitate wounded veterans, as it helps strengthen their body and their mind. It is also more of a scientific method of working out, more than a spiritual method like Yoga. Pilates uses breathing as a way to help circulate your blood flow, getting your body centered and in control to help strengthen your muscles, concentration to achieve and overcome goals and obstacles, controlling each and every one of your muscles in a highly concentrated way, and precisely moving each muscle in the way you desire. It’s great rehabilitation for anyone.

Why Might Pilates Be Good for You?

For those of you who have been injured (whether it’s from the war, a sports injury, or any other type of injury), Pilates helps to get you back in the game, without over-doing it. Pilates focuses on getting control of your muscles and body, helping your muscles to tone and strengthen in order to heal properly. It can be intense, but it’s intense in the way of perseverance and overcoming muscular weaknesses.

How Many Types of Pilates are There?

Unlike Yoga, there are several types of Pilates, rather than hundreds. To be more exact, there are 34 Pilates workouts that you can do. Each Pilates regimen was and is designed to help your balance and muscle control.

pilates classHere at Multi Gym, we offer a multitude of yoga and Pilates classes. What’s great about these two types of regimens is you can indulge in both at the same time. If you want to try your hand at both Pilates and Yoga, then we have just the classes for you. Because of the major similarities between the two, there’s little risk of over doing it and over exerting your muscles and body. If you have any more questions or even concerns, make sure to talk to one of our amazing and highly talented teachers, as they can help you decide on which class(es) would best suit your needs.

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