Multi Gym Montreal | The Beautiful Benefits of Flow Yoga at MultiGym Montreal

The Beautiful Benefits of Flow Yoga at MultiGym Montreal

flow yoga Montreal

The Beautiful Benefits of Flow Yoga at MultiGym Montreal

Yoga has got to be one of the most popular exercise/relaxing routines out there. The benefits are out of this world, the routines are for any body type, shape, and fitness, and the results are incredible. Here at Multi Gym, we offer a great selection of yoga classes that will get you back to a peaceful state of mind, and your body where it needs to be.

Flow Yoga is just one of the many, many different types of yoga that helps you get focused, in shape, and relaxed. Here is what Flow Yoga really is, what the benefits are, and why you should join Multi Gym’s Flow Yoga class!

flow yoga Montreal

What is Flow Yoga?

Flow Yoga is focused on breathing, like many of the yoga classes. It is focused on the easy flow from one position to the next. Synchronizing your breathing and movements is what Flow Yoga is focused on – not so much a perfect posture (although that is important as well). Think of Flow Yoga as a type of dance – rhythmic movement timed perfectly with your breathing to result in a gorgeous set of movements that help you both physically and mentally.

What are the Benefits of Flow Yoga?

There are several, wonderful benefits of Flow Yoga, but for the sake of minimization, we’ll focus on just a few of those benefits…

  • Detoxifying: Yoga is incredible for getting rid of some of the toxins that are in our bodies, making us feel so much healthier. Because of the purposeful breathing routines, stretching, and positions, the bending and breathing help to twist and loosen your muscles, releasing and ridding the toxins that are residing in your body. After keeping a regular Yoga Flow routine, you’ll definitely be feeling a difference.
  • Relaxation: Just like detoxifying, the breathing routines help to get your body and your mind into a state of relaxation. There is so much going on in the outside world, that it’s healthy, both physically and mentally, to take a break and let your mind go into a peaceful state. With Flow Yoga, as we’ve already discussed, the main focus is on breathing and gentle movements, getting you into a state of mind that’s both peaceful, relaxing, and rejuvenating.
  • Energy Producing: When your body goes into a peaceful and restful state-of-mind, then your body can regenerate a healthy amount of energy, helping you get through your long and arduous days. With the extra, natural, and healthy energy you’ll be feeling, you won’t feel the need to reach for caffeinated beverages to help get you through the day. With a Yoga Flow Class, your days will be much better.

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The Difference Between Yoga Flow and Power Yoga:

montreal yoga classesNow, taking a look at a few of the benefits, you’ll be wondering what is the difference between Flow Yoga and regular Yoga? If that’s a question you had, than here’s the answer for you:

The biggest difference between Flow Yoga (also known as Vinyasa) and Power Yoga, is Flow Yoga goes at a much slower pace than your Power Yoga. Power Yoga was designed to get you sweating and your heart pumping, like a normal workout. Flow Yoga is focused on relaxation and flowing movements. Although Flow Yoga is a good workout, its main focus is relaxation.

Here at Multi Gym, we have a fantastic Flow Yoga class with amazing instructors that can help you get your body in the shape and comfort that you desire. If you’re interested in our classes, make sure to give us a call and pay us a visit!

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