Get Fit with Tabata Workouts!

Here at Multi Gym we have a fantastic selection of workouts that are meant and designed to get you in the best shape of your life. No matter what goals you have in mind, our classes can get you where you want to be physically. One of the many fantastic workout classes that we offer here at Multi Gym is Tabata. With Tabata, you can easily reach your ultimate fit goals! With highly trained and professional teachers, they will guide you and show you how to maximize your workout routines to get the most out of every Tabata workout. Want to know more about Tabata? Keep reading and learn all there is to know!

tabata training

  • What Is Tabata? Tabata is an intense version of your HIIT workout routine, maxing out your regular workouts by making each exercise last for 4 minute intervals. Tabata really pushes your muscles to work that much harder, burning that many more calories. It’s a workout regimen meant to make your limbs and muscles shaky and sore!
    • Types of Tabata Workouts: If you’re wondering what a Tabata workout might look like, here is an example of 4 sets of workouts:
      1. Jump Squat – Do this routine for 4 minutes total; do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds active rest, then 20 seconds on, and so on. Do this until you’ve reached a total of 8 sets of squats, which will equal up to 4 minutes. Do this for every following workout.
      2. Lunge Jump: 4 minutes total
      3. Burpees: 4 minutes total
      4. Mountain Climbers: 4 minutes total
    • Who is Tabata Meant for? Tabata is an incredible workout that is efficient and effective for those who are on a time frame. If you’re only able to work out on your 45 minute lunch break, than a 30 minute Tabata session is all you need to get a fantastic workout. It’s 30 minutes of brutal exercises that help keep you in shape without spending a lot of time working out.
    • Where Can You Do Tabata? Tabata is fantastic because you can do any type of Tabata workout anywhere you choose. Here at Multi Gym, we have a fantastic class that will jump start you into a Tabata workout that is guaranteed to provide results. With a class filled with people who have the same goals in mind and a teacher who can get you there, you will have all the motivation and help you need.
    • What Does Tabata Accomplish? It accomplishes just about any fitness goal you may have, whether it’s strength training, flexibility, weight loss, and more. It’s great for just about any person with any goal and at just about any fitness level.
      • ** You will want to contact your Dr. before performing any HIIT workout regimens to make sure you won’t injure or harm yourself. These workouts are intense and difficult, and can be potentially harmful.**

Here at Multi Gym, our teachers are here to help you reach your goals safely and effectively. There are tons of different HIIT Tabata workouts that will get you to your goal. If you’re interested in joining one of our incredible Tabata classes, make sure to give us a call or stop on by!

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